Sufficiency Strategies for a Good Life – Alternatives for a Society Beyond Growth

Leading agency: FairBindung e.V.
Area of interventions: alternative economic models as a contribution against climate change, sustainable consumption and production
Total budget: € 77.550,00
Requested contributions: € 69.795,00
Duration: 18 months
Start and end date(s): 1st of January 2019 – 30th of June 2020

Summary of the project

The imperial lifestyle of many people in the Global North is based on access to environmental and social resources elsewhere and externalization of costs. It is therefore necessary to make the niches visible and accessible in which actors of socio-ecological change develop and experiment with sustainable and solidary approaches in theory and practice, politicize the SDG 12 and initiate debates on solidary alternatives. Strategic alliances in Berlin are needed to give more weight to the political demands of the degrowth movement and to achieve an overall cultural and value change towards more sufficiency. The project “Sufficiency strategies for a good life – alternatives for a society beyond growth” builds on bringing diverse actors in exchange with power and growth critical perspectives through diverse formats and translating them to regional policies. In addition to critical questioning of the globalized capitalist economic system, the focus will be on the visualization of existing alternatives, the development of common political options for action
and on alliances for broad information, campaigning and education work. For this purpose, public events (e.g. discussion rounds) are organized and networking and exchange opportunities with social change agents and political decision-makers created.


Decision-makers in Berlin state politics and administration, citizens of Berlin, initiatives and NGOs in the field of future-oriented and solidary economies

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