Sufficiency oriented mobility instead of SUVs – Supporting a transformation in the transport sector from a development and resource policy perspective

Leading agency: PowerShift – Verein für eine ökologisch-solidarische Energie- & Weltwirtschaft e.V
Area of interventions: Sufficiency oriented transportation, raw materials and climate policy
Total budget: € 67.394,00
Requested contributions: € 60.000,00
Duration: 18 months
Start and end date(s): 1st of January 2019 – 30th of June 2020

Summary of the project

“Sufficiency Oriented Mobility instead of SUVs – Supporting a Transformation in the Transport Sector from a Development and Resource Policy Perspective” aims at raising awareness among the target groups about the development and climate implications of our transportation system dominated by automobiles; and enabling them to actively support a sufficiency-oriented transportation policy in Berlin and other major German cities. In a mix of educational and information work, political mobilisation and advocacy work with decision makers the project will use the concrete example of the transport sector to promote degrowth and sufficiency. Development, environmental and transport policy NGOs will be informed and enabled to act jointly (networking, crash course, expert talks, company visits, street actions, referendum or mass petition). Citizens critical of cars and affected by them in Berlin and other cities will be informed and given a concrete opportunity to participate in local transportation policies geared towards sufficiency (web-based information; (social) media work; referendum/mass online petition). Political decision makers in Berlin and other cities will be informed about the sustainability implications of automobile traffic, and they will be exposed to political pressure as well as concrete recommendations for sufficiency oriented local transportation policies. (workshops; briefing paper; lobby-visits, mass action).


political decision makers, NGOs and initiatives in the field of development, transport policy initiatives, organisations and initiatives in the field of environmental policy, citizens, journalist in the field of transportation, environment and development

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