Change Lab for Political Action and Participation

Leading agency: Common Future e.V.
Area of interventions: sustainable consumption and production for ecological and social change, degrowth
Total budget: € 98.492,00
Requested contributions: € 68.500,00
Duration: 18 months
Start and end date(s): 1st of January 2019 – 30th of June 2020

Summary of the project

How do we get from knowledge to transformation? In our latest work, we have analysed the problems of the lifestyle and production methods in the global North and presented solidary alternatives as well as strategies for the social-ecological transformation in publications, workshops and lectures. With “CHANGE LAB FOR POLITICAL ACTION AND PARTICIPATION” we want to bring this knowledge to a wider audience and influence political decision-making processes with campaigns and activities. It is important to understand the urgency of sufficiency strategies considering planetary boundaries and to link them with practical courses of action. In doing so, we want to stir up curiosity for sustainable lifestyles and production methods and to strengthen self-efficacy experiences.
We initiate municipal and nationwide Change Labs in which young adults join together for several months to form action groups. These workshops aim to develop and implement innovative formats of political action. We create the necessary framework conditions, moderate the group processes and impart knowledge and skills along creative methods such as Design Thinking. The groups are in constant contact with the addressees of their action formats (for example, lobbyists, politicans) to test and optimize the effectiveness of their formats. In this way, we want to better understand the perspectives, obstacles and attitudes of key players in order to make socio-ecological transformation participative.


young people up to 24 years, young people older than 24 years experienced in campaigning, advocacy and educational work in the field of development policy

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